FSC provides Consulting Services


in various areas of the Photovoltaic Industry, for example, for Investors, Owners or Operators of PV Production Facilities, and Businesses in the field of Marketing&Sales of PV products:


  • Selection of Photovoltaic Production Technology (e.g., thin-film vs. crystalline)
  • Selection of Production Equipment for the Manufacturing of
  • crystalline-silicon wafers & ingots
  • solar cells and panels
  • Cost-of Ownership and ROI Calculations for Solar Production Facilities
  • Evaluation of Company Strategy for Manufacturing and Sales of PV panels
  • Marketing Strategy for competitive Product Placement in New Markets
  • Hands-on Support for Sales of Production Equipment or PV Products in New Markets
  • Consultancy for Investor Groups evaluating options for entry into the PV Sector
  • Specific Services and Deliverables defined by Customers

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